Instagram’s Eva Chen Can Teach Us Plenty on Building Content

5 Takeaways from Browsing Eva Chen's Instagram Profile

Eva Chen's career is on a hot streak right now and her Instagram feed is an accurate reflection of that. She began as a beauty editor for Teen Vogue, then worked as editor-in-chief of Lucky for 2 years. Just weeks after leaving Lucky, Chen announced her new position as Instagram's head of fashion partnerships with an Instagram post. Smooth.

She's a powerful asset to the company, not only rich in experience, but also an already booming Instagram account - with over 500k followers. How did she get there? Expanding on Teresa Hammerl's Medium article on Eva Chen, that's exactly what I'll be covering in this post. Go give her a follow on Twitter, Chen wasn't on my radar until I read her article!

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1. Finding Beauty in the Mundane, Everyday Life

Millennials fall victim to this far too often, though we're seeing older generations get caught up in it as well. When selfies dominate the content you put out, don't be shocked when you lose your fans. Even worse if all your selfies look the same. Nothing says "I never leave the house" like a collection of bathroom selfies!

If I can scroll through your profile, stop randomly and get hit in the face (pun intended) with a series of selfies, it's time for you to make a change in your life. The beauty of cameras is being able to capture moments, not to showcase your ego.

๐ŸŽƒWho needs a pumpkin spice latte when there's pumpkin spice Ren?๐ŸŽƒ

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2. Create content that you're able to reproduce weekly.

Find something from your life you can post over and over. Not only will people expect it from you, but they'll also check in on your profile to check out your new posts. Execute on this well enough and they might subscribe to your profile even!

Eva Chen loves sharing her purse and shoe combos!

Day one of my high heel reimmersion program... Really trying to wean myself off sneakers, sigh. #evachenpose

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And her tiny conference room...

A toast to the king of cool, @itsjeremyscott!! Thank you for visiting us at Facebook/Instagram!

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3. Tag people with more followers than you in your photos.

No one likes being tagged in photos they aren't in, so don't even think about it. Your meetings won't be as impressive as the people in Eva Chen's life, but you can interact with smaller establishments pretty easily. Even if their following isn't impressive, you'll be getting your message across to them and they might repost it. As a digital nomad, I find this works best with restaurants, hostels and any kind of tourist attraction (Shoutouts to Bodega Bangkok!).

4. Write reviews (in your caption) of your favorite products, apps, books, etc.

Make sure they're on Instagram so you can tag them for bigger potential reach! Share your unique experience with them, tell a story and really sell the product with your genuine thoughts. #NoFilter that shit if you have to, people love transparency. If you've got a decent following, you might see sponsorship opportunities or free product in your future. Keep it within your niche and you're golden.

Side Note: Check out Eva Chen's use of patterned fabric backdrops - remember my tips from Instagram makeup artists?

Packed lightly (well, for me) for my long weekend in Los Angeles... See the comments below for mini reviews!

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5.ย Eva Chen embraces the exclusive side of her life.

Make sure to snap photos at any event you go to and use their event hashtag for broader reach. Tag the event host while you're at it too! Eva Chen has gotten herself into the inner circle of the fashion world, so she shares content that not everyone has access to. Try to think about your life and figure out what's unique to your experience. Personally, I've had an affinity with living like a local when travelling - getting far away from tourist-y areas and embracing foreign cultures. Right now, I'm writing this from an apartment that's a 30 minute walk to any public transportation and another 30 minutes by Bangkok's sky train or metro system to the more happening areas. People eat that shit up, it's all about the pitch. I'm sure you'll find something!

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your Instagram, I'llย set you up for success.