7 Influential Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2016

Fashion Instagram Accounts Come and Go

It seems like every month there's a new major player in the realm of fashion, but top brands are here to stay. This list is mostly top brands that feature smaller names, along with upcomers that despite having smaller followings are quite influential on the industry. Originally curated by Alice Thomas on Quora, I've expanded on why these fashion Instagram accounts are worth your time.

1. Harper's BAZAAR - 1.9m Followers

Harper's BAZAAR is America's first fashion magazine and their following is still going strong. BAZAAR is also very active on Snapchat, like most big players in fashion have been doing. Their Instagram is a great source of other fashion Instagram accounts to follow - independent designers, models and events. If you're just getting started with the platform, they're the perfect starting point.

Harper's Bazaar features a variety of top fashion Instagram accounts to follow.
Poppy Delevingne and Chelsea Leyland appear on the BAZAAR feed every so often. Squad.

2. Miranda Kerr - 9m Followers

Miranda Kerr grew to popularity in 2007 after becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel and has been a powerhouse in the fashion world ever since. She's one of the few on this list that's able to manage large fanbases across all social networks quite well - Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. She often collaborates with Vogue on Twitter chats, as seen in the hashtag below.

Miranda Kerr has a family of fashion Instagram accounts.

3. India Rose Co.

India Rose, a creative director, digital consultant and stylist from London, is the face and voice behind lifestyle website india-rose.co. Together with the help of regular contributors, a shared vision produces content with a cultural, fresh and urban perspective. Featuring personal style, words, photography, interviews, music and short films, india-rose.co is a cross-cultural platform that aims to inspire with a distinctive combination of shared aesthetics and interests.

India Rose has a smaller, but powerful following - my favorite of these fashion Instagram accounts.

4. The Coveteur

For hilarious quotes and the insides of some of the best closets in the world: The Coveteur began as a passion project exploring the homes and closets of global street style stars and tastemakers, and has evolved into exploring all things behind-the-scenes: lifestyle, fashion, and culture. With an emphasis on highly personalized curation.

The Coveteur features the top fashion Instagram accounts that popped up at Coacchella.

5. Man Repeller

For outfit inspiration. A humorous website for serious fashion - a microphone for women, if you will. Man Repeller is one of those fashion Instagram accounts that just can't be replicated.

Man Repeller is one of those hilarious fashion Instagram accounts that can't be replicated.

6. Vogue Brasil

Vogue Brasil is unique compared to other regions of Vogue since it features a LOT of models that will likely blow up within 2 years, much more than other editions of the magazine. Worth the follow if you're looking for new fashion Instagram accounts that are worth your time. 

Vogue Brasil often gives shoutouts to smaller fashion Instagram accounts that are likely to blow up.


7. Aimee Song

Aimee Song often has these really unexpected outfit combinations that really work for her. Unlike other models of this list, she adds a very genuine personal touch to her feed - sharing her travels and putting some real thought into locations for her photos. Last year, she was featured on Forbes 30 Under 30.

Aimee Song adds a much more personal touch than the other fashion Instagram accounts of this list.

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