Instagram Hashtag Mistakes from the World of Vaporwave

Instagram Hashtag Fails ft. A E S T H E T I C S

Vaporwave content often falls victim to Instagram hashtag mistakes, pissing off a ton of people outside brands' target demographics.

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I've been meaning to write this article for a long, long time now and finally got enough of the meaty, analytical articles out of the way. This is the first in a series where I'll be covering Instagram hashtag fails within some of my personal interests. You can expect me to break down the marketing strategy behind esports, independent hip hop and more in the coming weeks. For anyone who's posted about vaporwave, you know just how shitty marketers' targeting can be and you'll probably vibe with these 3 mistakes quite a bit.  Auto-commenting is just the worst.

Vaping Has Nothing to Do With Vaporwave

Without doing proper hashtag research like I outlined in my first Instagram marketing guide, you'll end up targeting demographics that fall far outside what you're aiming for. Perfect example of this Instagram hashtag mistake: Vaporizer companies leaving auto-comments on vaporwave posts. I've seen people get really angry over it and I'm willing to bet a lot of vape companies have been reported for spam for it. And then suspended or banned. Vaping is a very popular niche right now, so it's prey for less experienced marketers to try to make a dime off affiliate sales. As a result, there's a seemingly never-ending amount of vape accounts on Instagram.

Vape companies very commonly make Instagram hashtag mistakes.

My advice: Before you ever use a hashtag on a post, much less auto-liking and commenting on them - do your research. Search the hashtag and take a look at what kind of content pops up. If there's a mixture of different post types, it's probably not a good place to reach your target demographic. When using Instagram bots, you're putting yourself more and more at risk of being banned as you stray away from your target demographic. People get annoyed. People get irate. They report you and then it's all over. You'll have to make a new account and start from scratch.

#Aesthetics was a mistake.


This one falls more on the people posting vaporwave content than the marketers using automation tools, though both aren't really doing thing right if you ask me. If you do a search for #Aesthetics on Instagram, maybe 1 in 8 posts are about vaporwave. The other 7? Fitness. Aesthetics was first coined as a term relating to working out through Zyzz gaining fame on 4chan and forums. RIP. The term has been used in vaporwave since the beginning, describing their unique art style to go alongside the retro-futuristic music genre. In all honesty, I don't think either side should be using the hashtag. Like I mentioned earlier, there's too much variance in content so you'll only end up with friction from one group. If you're in fitness, you're annoying the vaporwave community and vice versa.

Instagram hashtag mistakes can be easily avoided.
Fitness accounts dominate #Aesthetics. Just type A E S T H E T I C S, no hashtag. -shrug-

#Vaporwave Itself Has Been Killed

Don't believe me? Do a search for #Vaporwave right now. What pops up? The past 2 years have been the largest for vaporwave, despite many saying the genre is dead. Google Trends proves that quite easily. As a result of its viral nature, vaporwave has been grouped in with the most popular meme hashtags. The result of this is a flood of shitposters spamming the hashtag alongside every other popular meme hashtag. Not that vaporwave itself is a meme though. Marketers ruin everything and vaporwave is no different.

Instagram hashtag mistakes are all over the realm of vaporwave.

Hol up, what the fuck is this? Minions ain't vaporwave and these posts are not aesthetic.

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