Backup Time! How to Save Instagram Photos (Automatically)

Backing Up Your Instagram the Hard Way (and the Easy Way)

With a couple tools and 15 minutes of your time, we'll backup your Instagram account and show how to save Instagram photos automatically to the cloud.

Instagram doesn't have these features built-in for whatever reason, so we need to put some 3rd party tools to work. If you haven't been using IFTTT yet, this will be a good introduction to building recipes - something I'm sure you'll put to use not only for Instagram but other networks as well.

Backing Up Your Instagram Account

It's incredibly simple to back up your Instagram photos - so simple that you won't even need a tutorial. I use a freeware program, 4K Stogram, which allows you to download a full archive of any Instagram account. This Instagram downloader is available for PC, Mac and Linux so you're covered no matter what OS you use. You just enter in a username or direct link to an Instagram photo and...that's it. 

Save Instagram photos in bulk using 4K Stogram.

How to Save Instagram Photos Automatically with IFTTT

Save Instagram photos automatically with IFTTT.
IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a great automation tool that spans all social networks (even Chinese social like Weibo), home automation, Google Alerts and more. Seriously, the list of channels you can use IFTTT is ridiculously long and they're always adding more. The basic premise of IFTTT is creating what are called Recipes. Each Recipe consists of 2 elements - a Trigger and an Action. First, you choose what Triggers the Recipe - in our case, we'll choose "Any new photo by you".

Save Instagram photos automatically with a simple to set up IFTTT recipe.

Automatically Save Instagram Photos to Google Drive

The Action step allows you to automatically save Instagram photos.

From here, choose your Action, "Upload file from URL". This will automatically save Instagram photos to a Google Drive folder in the resolution you upload them to Instagram. It beats screenshots by a longshot, since it's passive and higher quality. Personally, I just use a separate Google Account for IFTTT so I don't have to worry about running out of space anytime soon. Note that for the Action channel, you can choose a huge variety of cloud storage: iCloud Photo Library, Dropbox, Evernote, Amazon Cloud, etc. 

Instagram got you overwhelmed? Let me help you out!