Thai Visa Run by Air: Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur

Thai Visa Runs to Malaysia are Quick and Painless

Thailand's visa policies have changed in 2016 but Thai visa runs are still painless if you're flying. As a Canadian-American couple, we don't have to worry about tourist visas since we can get that sexy visa exemption stamp on arrival - both in Thailand and Malaysia, making this a stress-free visa run. Relatively cheap too. After living in Shanghai for quite a while, any visa run in southeast Asia is cheap by comparison though.

In hunt of the cheapest Thai visa run possible,  we spent a good chunk of time online looking at flights and accommodation. Thailand is my first country in southeast Asia, while Giulia had already been to a few - most recently Myanmar, so that was off the table. We ended up booking a return flight to Kuala Lumpur through Air Asia for under $100 each. Not bad.

Revopackers Hostel

Kuala Lumpur is incredibly spread out and not that tourist-friendly. It kind of reminded me of Calgary since different areas of the city are quite a ways from each other. We grabbed a taxi from the airport to our hostel, but as we were getting close, he didn't give a fuck that he was dropping us off at the wrong location after a 45 minute drive. The absolute madman. Luckily, we weren't that far off and we made it to Revopackers just minutes before it started pouring. Bad planning on our part, I don't think we checked the weather at all before booking our Thai visa run.

This hostel was dope. Private rooms are affordable, good AC, big beds and the staff are super helpful. Despite the weather, we were determined to grab some cheeky Nando's at a nearby mall. It was an adventure and then some - we got lost and I was so hungry I nearly bailed on an escalator. 

Revopackers' artwork made our Thai visa run more bearable.

Sightseeing - Petronas Towers

It wouldn't be a proper Thai visa run without a little tourism. Although Giulia had been to KL before, it was my first time in Malaysia and I had to see the Petronas Towers. We ended up just staying in on the first night since it was raining way too hard for a photo op, but it had cleared up by morning. With only a few hours before our flight back home to Bangkok, we grabbed a quick bite at Svago Cucina Italian Bistro then hopped in a cab. A bit pricey but totally worth it.

If you're in Kuala Lumpur for your Thai visa run, the Petronas towers are essential.
It took us like half an hour to understand the right distance you have to stand from the towers. Selfie sticks are a lifesaver too!

Got my #Tourist game on at the #PetronasTowers ✌

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Thai visa runs wouldn't be complete without amazing food.
Shoutouts to Pizzacore tho 🍕🍕🍕

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