Interview with Travel YouTuber, The Life of Jord

The Life of Jord - Travel Vlogger

The Life of Jord started as a personal project and has evolved into something so much more meaningful.

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This will be the first in a series of quick interviews with travel YouTube accounts, but I've paid attention to The Life of Jord for a while so I figured he'd be up first! There's a lot to learn from this extremely positive guy on the road.

01. It's been less than a year of traveling now, how does it feel?

Actually its been almost 2 years. I've been travelling for 21 months and it feels great.

02. What has been your favorite destination so far?

That's always tough but I love Indonesia. That's why I'm heading back there after China!

03. You've grown your YouTube considerably, has there been a process to the growth or has it been mostly word of mouth?

Consistency is the main thing. Keep putting good content out there and the growth will come.

04. Have you monetized your online presence in any way and if so, when was this introduced?

Yes I have started to recently. It was important for me that my blog wasn't about monetization, I just did it because I enjoy it. Now I am looking to make my YouTube channel into my main source of income and so have started to monetize it recently.

05. I watched your video "How to Get Anything You Want" and got subtle vibes of Gary Vaynerchuk's approach to entrepreneurship. Do you think that people looking to get started should have a sense of self awareness first or just jump right into it?

I think it's a bit of both. You need to understand the risks before humping head first into the deep end, but those risks shouldn't stop you from doing something. People often create their own barriers and invent a lot of excuses for not following their dreams. Just begin doing whatever you want to do and the rest will often fall into place.

06. What's your best tip for balancing putting in work for the vlog while traveling?

Set aside some days to just focus on doing the work. I thrive off trying to constantly keep up with the workload and usually I do work while on the move, but sometimes you just need to stop for a day or two and really put in the work to get the rewards.

07. How much of an impact has Instagram and Twitter had on growing your YT?

Instagram has been very useful. I've noticed that I get a lot of new subs from my Instagram account and I think it's because both mediums complement each other. Twitter has been useful but then I also don;t use it as much!

08. If you could go back and change one thing about your vlogging experience, what would you do differently?

I would've started sooner.

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