Top Photo Editing Apps for Your Instagram Pictures

Using Photo Editing Apps like a Pro Blogger

The top photo editing apps of 2016 are very feature-robust and allow you to edit your Instagram photos almost professionally.

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For this article, I've taken notes on Chictopia's YouTube video on the top 3 photo editing apps for making your Instagram photos stand out. It's just under 6 minutes long, but I know watching video isn't always convenient so skimming this short article will give you an overview. Make sure to subscribe to Chictopia on YouTube if you're interested in fashion blogging - she's got tons of videos that will help you step up your game!


VSCO started out as a company making packages of filters for Lightroom, but their app has made waves among the Instagram community. VSCOcam is used by most bloggers because their filters are just that much better than other apps out there. It makes sense considering they have a background in photography and design. Their filters are meant to make your photos look like they were taken on a film camera.

Standout filters include A6 (desaturation), H2 (brightens) and HB1/2 are blogger favorites. If you've ever seen a blogger whose feed is very white-prominent and minimalist, they're likely using HB1 and/or HB2.

The VSCOcam Grid is also a very useful tool since it replicates the Instagram feed, making it easy to plan out a grid of 9 photos like I suggested in my Instagram Marketing Guide. The downsides of VSCOcam are that their black and white filters are somewhat lacking and their editing tools aren't nearly as responsive or customizable as other apps.

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AfterLight was once $3, but is now $0.99 and is well worth your money. It's very feature-robust and has a focus on photo editing rather than filters like VSCOcam. AfterLight's editing tools are very sensitive, allowing for pinpoint corrections. Many bloggers choose a filter in VSCOcam then edit in AfterLight after.

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Enlight is quite pricy, sitting at $5 - worth it for serious bloggers. Enlight is basically  PhotoShop for mobile, allowing you do edit on curves rather than just straight lines (godlike feature for photographers). It's got plenty of artistic features, so if you're used to PhotoShop and want something for on the go, it's the best on the market. At the time of writing this, Enlight is iOS only.

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Got any other top photo editing apps for Instagram?

I'd love to hear what other photo editing apps you use to touch up your Instagram photos before posting! If there's an essential app not on this (short) list, leave a comment below - I'm always up for trying new apps out. After all your hard work editing, it's crucial to save your results for later use - save your Instagram photos!

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