The 5 Top Travel Instagram Accounts of Q1 2016

The Most Popular Travel Instagram Accounts of the Year (So Far)

I'm going to make it a habit to go over the top influencers of the travel world on Instagram every quarter so we can review trends, who is coming up and who has fallen. For reference, I'll be using Iconosquare's influencer index, so any discrepancies is all on them. If you know if travel Instagram accounts that outrank those on this list, just email me or leave a link in the comments and I'll make sure the list gets updated. Being a visual-focused platform, Instagram attracts photographers and globetrotters alike. These are the top of the crop, people every travel blogger should look up to. In later articles, I'll analyze standout performers and how they've been able to stay at the top of this list.

5. Theron Humphrey 1.2 Million

Unlike others on this list, Humphrey seems to stay put in one country: America. Recently, he's built a pretty dope looking house for his family. He's quite the photographer - which features in CNN, National Geographic and Wired. His Instagram feed has tons of photos of his adorable dog too. Seriously, he's worth the follow. Humphrey is the definition of the outdoors-y type, so his travels include adventures in the forest and winter expeditions.

I didn't realize it until checking out his website, THIS WILD IDEA!, but I've actually seen memes of his dog before floating around Facebook. The internet is a strange and beautiful place, albeit smaller than it often seems.

4. Louis Cole - 1.3 Million

Cole has a clothing line called Live the Adventure, available for sale online. The designs are pretty simple but simplicity is difficult to craft after all. I assume this is how he supports himself while travelling, along with his massive YouTube following - something the top 3 of this list are missing completely.

Live the Adventure's homepage is a simple landing with a signup for Cole's email campaigns - an easy takeaway for everyone striving to build a following for their travel Instagram account.

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The #3 Travel Instagram Account of Q1 2016

Altug Galip: 1.3 Million

Galip identifies himself as a traveler and an entrepreneur. Hailing from Cyprus, he works as both an accountant and a social media strategist at a marketing agency.

Strangely enough, I couldn't find much else info on the guy despite his massive following. Aside from his travel photography, I guess he keeps to himself.

The #2 Travel Instagram Account of Q1 2016

Chris Burkard - 1.6 Million

Chris Burkard is first and foremost a photographer: his website shows off his expansive portfolio of directing work and photography. He's also written several books, all of which are available on the shop section of his site.

Burkard has a much more expansive social presence than the top of this list, but a smaller Instagram following - 330k likes on his verified Facebook Page and just under 20k on his verified Twitter account.

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The #1 Travel Instagram Account of Q1 2016

Izkiz - 2.7 Million

Izkiz is the top performer of Q1 and that might have something to do with her family of photo editing apps: DeluxeFM, DeluxeColors and Izkiz Cam. Like many 3rd party social media apps do, Izkiz has harnessed the power of free app downloads to gain Instagram followers - a prompt appears in her apps to follow her account, which many just click on and don't think about until much, much later. Smooth.

Her travel blog covers a variety of topics spanning across all aspects of travelling (and travel blogging). It's also worth noting that Instagram is her only social network that's completely blown up - her Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have miniscule followings in comparison. She also has a Snapchat account listed on her Instagram profile but it's tough to gauge traction on the platform at the time of writing.