Unpslash Growth Hack: 5.88% CR on Image Backlink Building with a đź“·

Unsplash Growth Hack: Image Backlinks

Unsplash Growth Hack: Image Backlink Building in 4 Simple Steps Seriously, it’s just that easy. Well, not easy per se, but you will need some luck on your side and have a knack for taking quality photos. I’m no photographer myself but I have an eye for what people look for in a good stock … Read more

The Top Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers in 2019

best Instagram bots for gaining followers in 2019

The Top Instagram Bots for Getting Followers in 2019 When I first started blogging about Instagram marketing in 2016, the one common thread throughout all my articles was automation. Us humans are very limited in our capabilities and bots can act as an extension of our own will. The best way to think of Instagram … Read more

How to Use Facebook Analytics to Gain Followers

beginners guide on how to use facebook analytics to gain page likes

Underrated Ways to Use Facebook Analytics for Growth It’s a huge misconception that data-driven work is cold and heartless. The truth is that the application of data is downright creative at its core. In this article, I’ll go over the basics of using Facebook analytics for growth. I’ll also cover some of my favorite underrated … Read more

How I Earned 25% Organic Facebook Growth in 10 Days (20k+ Page Likes)

how to get scalable organic Facebook growth

Organic Facebook Growth is Still Viable My meme page, Living in Asia Ironically recently got the permanent ZUCC. That is, it’s been permanently deleted off Facebook after being unpublished and denied an appeal to bring it back to life. For anyone who posts controversial content, this is a constant risk on Facebook. Many public figures … Read more

Gamer Marketing: What Marketers Can Learn from Competitive Gaming

growth hacking competitive gaming

Competitive gaming is extremely analytical. My approach to marketing has roots in competitive gaming. I learned many valuable business skills while playing video games. For this article, I’ll be going over the 3 types of analysis that a Street Fighter player learns. This has direct application in not just growth hacking, but other aspects of … Read more

How to Boost Facebook Group Growth 923%: A Real Life Case Study

Facebook group growth

Facebook group growth can be done with planning and a $0 budget. For context, I need to explain the original purpose of the Facebook group I ran this growth experiment on. Elegantly titled Shitposting in Asia Ironically™, or SIAI for short, was a group aimed at expats living in Asia. Its sole purpose was to … Read more

How to Steal Competitors’ Instagram Followers in a Pinch

steal competitors Instagram followers

Stealing your competitors’ Instagram followers is way easier than you’d think. Shopify has outlined a quick video guide on gaining new Instagram followers. Skip to the 3 minute mark if you’re short on time. Since they’re the most popular ecommerce platform for brands on Instagram, let’s take their advice to heart and then expand on … Read more

Top Instagram Bots for Gaining New Followers

top Instagram bots for gaining new followers

Top Instagram bots are very, very similar. Top Instagram bots share features, so choosing the best for you is about time commitment. Some are easier to use than others, so they have a steeper learning curve. Is it worth putting your time into? Not really, you have better things to deal with I assume. Automation … Read more

How to Calculate When to Post on Instagram Using Iconosquare

how to calculate when to post on instagram

Calculating when to post on Instagram is something that many content marketers struggle with but it’s actually quite simple if you know what to look for. For this guide, we’ll be using Iconosquare analytics, which isn’t free but it may as well be with how cheap it is. Unfortunately, they aren’t paying me to do … Read more

How I Used Reddit Marketing to Boost Traffic 3611%

Reddit Marketing on a $0 Budget Marketing on Reddit is Kind of Tricky (Understatement) If you’re going purely by the numbers, Reddit is a digital marketer’s wet dream. It’s got 36 million users conveniently distributed into over 6000 communities targeted around just about any topic you could think of. The website has had over 5 … Read more