How to Develop Your Own Instagram Commenting Strategy

Develop your own Instagram commenting strategy with hashtag research.

Step up your Instagram commenting game with some structure. Commenting can be a very powerful way to mold new relationships on Instagram. With a bit of finesse, you can achieve consistent, predictable follower growth. Comments can open up discussion with potential influencer partners or new long-term fans. The platform is approaching 1 billion users and … Read more

Best Instagram Bots in 2021 for Safely Gaining Real Followers

best Instagram bots in 2021

Although I’ve listed quite the roster of Instagram automation services below, this article will only be covering my top picks (for now). It takes time to give bots a fair review, as I personally test out each platform before recommending them to anyone. Stay tuned for further updates on this article as the year progresses. … Read more

The Instagram Shadowban Explained, How to Fix It and Banned Hashtags

Instagram shadowban explained

What is shadowbanning on Instagram? What Instagram shadowbanning means is that your content is blocked from being seen by anyone that isn’t following you on Instagram. Shadowban implies that you will not be notified of this whatsoever. This means you can expect a massive dip in views, engagement and follower growth. No one will see … Read more

How to Download IGTV Videos Free on Phone, PC or Mac

free Instagram video downloader

The Best Free Instagram IGTV Downloader Do you want to download IGTV videos for free? If you want to easily download IGTV videos, you’re in the right place! After testing out as many solutions on the market as I can, I’ve settled on a clear victor: Ingramer Instagram downloader. They’re absolutely dominating the Instagram software … Read more

How to Research Competitors on Instagram with Ingramer Profile Analyzer

Instagram profile analyzer

How to Use Ingramer Profile Analyzer to Research Your Competition Have you ever wondered which of your posts are boosting your business the most or just perhaps your most liked selfie? Well wonder no longer as the Ingramer Profile Analyzer is here!  What does it do? Ingramer Profile Analyzer looks at your instagram and analyzes … Read more

4 Underrated Ways to Get New Instagram Followers in 2019

underrated ways to get Instagram followers in 2019

4 Creative and Underrated Ways Get Instagram Followers in 2019 I don’t know about you but every Instagram marketing article I’ve read lately has felt the same. Follow / unfollow is still (somewhat) effective. Create unique content with engaging captions. Post when the most people are online. Lame! Although I haven’t found any major Instagram … Read more

Instagram Strategy for 2019 Meetup Event in Bangkok on February 9th

Instagram Strategy for 2019 meetup in Bangkok, Thailand

Learning The Foundations of Instagram Strategy for 2019 It’s been quite some time since I’ve ran workshops on Instagram marketing, but my track record is no joke. I was previously a HUBBA Academy instructor and the in-house growth hacker for Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch 0. Recently I’ve partnered up with The Company Bangkok, a coworking … Read more

The Top Instagram Bots for Gaining Followers in 2019

best Instagram bots for gaining followers in 2019

The Top Instagram Bots for Getting Followers in 2019 When I first started blogging about Instagram marketing in 2016, the one common thread throughout all my articles was automation. Us humans are very limited in our capabilities and bots can act as an extension of our own will. The best way to think of Instagram … Read more