Best Instagram Bots in 2021 for Safely Gaining Real Followers

Although I’ve listed quite the roster of Instagram automation services below, this article will only be covering my top picks (for now). It takes time to give bots a fair review, as I personally test out each platform before recommending them to anyone. Stay tuned for further updates on this article as the year progresses. For now, enjoy my top picks of Instagram bots to take your growth to the next level.

tl;dr – Ingramer is the best Instagram bot in 2021 for gaining real followers.

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What are the best Instagram bots for gaining followers in 2021?

Do Instagram bots still work in 2021?

Some bots have gone defunct after being shut down via legal action by Instagram, but all bots on the list above should work perfectly fine in 2021. Instagram policies change over time, so automation services also evolve. This article was published on January 30, 2021. Please be aware that Instagram’s API or policies can change at any time, making services or even specific features obsolete.

Best Instagram Bot in 2021: Ingramer ($34 / Month)

The cleanest UX. The best mid-range price tag. The most powerful targeting options. Above average, but not the best security. Ingramer is well worth paying $34 a month.

Ingramer best Instagram bot

What I like most about Ingramer is its versatility:

If I want to seed a new Instagram account (ie. a new client) with new, relevant followers then it’s easy to set up Ingramer to target hashtags and followers of competitors. This kind of “set it and forget it” type setup for automation can be a godsend since it saves you a lot of time and stress. 

On the other hand, when I’m working more hands-on in gaining Instagram followers, then I also have the option of diving deep into targeting options, conditional filters and more!

Ingramer hashtag targeting

And when you do make that deep dive to gain followers with Ingramer, you’ll be able to track your progress of each experiment easily at a glance from their default dashboard. Conversion rate is displayed loud and proud on each of your automation hooks, making it a true anomaly among Instagram bots. Data is beautiful and Ingramer shows us exactly how to show it off! You’d think this would be the industry standard, but I’ve used plenty of bots over the years that forced me to track CR in spreadsheets of my own. It’s a simple problem solved easily that Ingramer had down pat on day one.

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Bonus: Ingramer also has a handful of useful tools that are free to use!

Best IG Bot for Agencies: Nitreo ($49 / Month)

Nitreo has a place in the market as being one of the most secure Instagram bots. If you care about safety, Nitreo is for you. It’s worth noting that Nitreo doesn’t have a free trial, but opting out of your first month of services is easy. Signing up gives you a 2 week period to give it a go and cancel if you’re not satisfied. Monthly plans start at $49 per month.

I recommend Nitreo to agencies and freelancers that like to think ahead when planning their SaaS budget since it’s the only Instagram bot in 2021 that offers annual pricing. 1 year of Nitreo services costs $568 per year ($29 per month).

Nitreo Instagram bot signup page

“Being a travel photographer is so competitive. I bumped into the Nitreo team in Asia and they said my content should be getting way more exposure! Having worked with them a few months I can definitely vouch for them.”


Best for Seasoned Marketers: Instavast ($10 / Month)

Instavast has more complex targeting options than other Instagram bots, making it the top choice for growth marketers, data nerds and split test junkies. It’s a great alternative to Ingramer, although to be honest – both services are quite similar. Personally, I’ve been able to achieve higher results on Ingramer but can grow more consistently on Instavast. Tradeoffs, I suppose – this may require further testing in 2021.

It’s also the cheapest reliable Instagram bot on the market, making it a great resource for learning how to use automation for your business.

Instavast Instagram automation suite

Cheapest Instagram Scheduler: Publer

If you don’t need all the automation bells and whistles, Publer is a great cheaper option for those who only need post scheduling

Publer is an amazing option for those on a budget: at just $10 per month, you can schedule an unlimited number of posts on up to 5 accounts. There isn’t a better deal on the market and their customer service is top notch. Publer adds new features constantly and they listen closely to their users.

Publer Instagram scheduler

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