Marketing and SEO Tips from the Matt Diggity AMA in SEO Signals Lab

The Matt Diggity AMA is still live!

The Facebook Group, SEO Signals Lab brought us an incredibly useful Matt Diggity AMA with tons of SEO and marketing insights.

SEO Signals Lab’s AMAs are set up uniquely compared to any other business community I’ve participated in. Their AMA sessions don’t have an end time or date. They’re live for anyone to ask questions, so long as Facebook is still kicking! Yes, that means you can join the group now, hop into the AMA thread and ask Matt Diggity a question yourself. Great resource to have.

Taking notes and learning from business leaders is almost always a worthwhile use of your time, but for your convenience, I’ve compiled a few AMA questions that stood out to me.

Here were a few highlights from the Matt Diggity AMA. This blog was published March 3, 2020 and since the AMA is still live, I may come back to update the highlight reel.

Highlights from the Matt Diggity AMA

SEO Signals Lab AMA

What are the best networks/groups/blogs to read about affiliate marketing and participate in the affiliate community?

Good question…

Well there’s two types of affiliates really.

1) Media buyers (paid ads)

2) SEOs

I’m assuming you want to know about #2.

The best blogs I would say are Authority Hackers, and (not trying to push anything here), but I live and breathe affiliate so my blog, conference, and group (Affiliate SEO Mastermind) are also good.

AH has a podcast as well that I pretty much have never missed an episode of.

How do I find a niche for my next affiliate website?

Reverse engineer what’s already working and selling in the marketplaces. I never stray from this.

As a beginner, where should one start in order to do affiliate marketing? Which affiliate marketing websites should I start with?

Start with the products and not the network.

Figure out what niche you want to be in. Maybe that’s the home niche, maybe its technology. Go broad so you can pivot later.

Then once you have a broad niche, you’ll find tons of products to review and promote. Vacuum cleaners, smart home devices, wifi routers, protein powders.

Then you find the BEST offer for each of these by looking at the competition.

Avoid Amazon as much as possible.

I’ve seen a lot of posts you’ve done regarding PBNs and similar backlink tactics. Do you still regard some of these as effective today and what would be the best way for people looking to experiment with such techniques to begin?

1) Yes, PBNs still work very well today

2) All I can say is don’t build or manage one yourself. The learning curve and the work required is steep. It’s a pain in the ass.

Know the risks, find a good vendor, and use PBNs sparingly (I only use PBNs on growing projects (not yet authorities) for just a sprinkling of target anchors per URL).

What are the top five 2020 SEO changes?

  1. More authority sites dominating
  2. Yet, more money in the game because of ad networks, more searches online, more buying online
  3. Google is homogenized AF on page 1, and we can use that to our advantage
  4. Website assets are flipping at ridic values
  5. Epstein didn’t kill himself

What’s the best on-page SEO tool?

I like Surfer. POP and Cora are also great.

What are some key factors you look for before purchasing a website?

  1. a niche I want to be in
  2. Keywords on page 1
  3. Brandable domain
  4. No recent penalties
  5. Solid price

How much longer do you think we will still be able to buy backlinks and not get slammed to the ground by Google for doing so?

You’ll be able to get away with it forever as long as you’re buying links in such a manner that it’s not obvious that you bought them.

Besides the social fortress, what are some of the first links you build for a site?

Citations and then guest posts. Why GPs? Because they’re links on new pages. Most naturally occurring links on the internet happen on new pages. You want to mimic the natural internet as much as possible.

How much of your time do you devote to learning, and to doing?

50% management. 30% learning. 20% innovating.

When you add a new article to your site, do you immediately edit older, relevant posts to insert internal links to the new article

For sure.

Do you go a heavy main keyword internal anchor or diversify it to target long tails?

Mostly target, but diversified anchors. Don’t repeat EMA (exact match anchor).

Favorite video game of all time?

Man! Good one. Probably WoW or Everquest.

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