Why I Joined a Growth Consultancy Literally Named “Stop the Bullshit”

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Stop the Bullshit is a growth agency that’s straight to the point.

My name is Chris Tweten and I was raised by the internet.

Canadian internet, to be specific, which is extremely slow and overpriced. I’ve always had a knack for marketing strategy, teaching myself through experimentation in Canada and then eventually moving to China to experience what a large city is really like. It might sound odd but after working in Shanghai for almost 2 years, Bangkok feels small at times. Scale is a fascinating thing to me.

Transitioning from doing marketing in China to Thailand was a very difficult process for me. Although the pace of SEA in general is much slower, it’s also a rapidly growing region for business. Internet usage is steadily rising, leaving startups and corporations short on marketing staff. Last year, JobsDB Thailand said that more than 85% of Thai companies are experiencing a shortage in marketing staff. Most of these job listings are for senior positions, meaning it’s an industry standard right now to hire plenty of junior level staff.

I’ve met plenty of talented marketers in Thailand, but meeting Steffen Rusten was the first time I’ve met a true performance marketer in the SEA region. Someone who not only understands growth hacking as a concept but has experience with it. It was really refreshing to be able to shoot the shit about growth experiments, ideas, and failures. Steffen had just left a Bangkok-based startup, after having been a part of Uber ANZ. The second he told me he wanted to see if there was a way to work together, I was sold.

Stop the Bullshit? Yeah, that name stuck with me.

The lack of transparency in marketing has always been something that bothered me and I’d see it constantly, wherever I was living. I would see not just agencies but freelancers whose sole goal was to land contracts and just coast with no regard for their results. At the end of the day, they got paid and that’s all they cared about.

Fuck that. Developing my skill as a marketer across as many categories has always been a top priority for me. STB provides an outlet for me grow as a performance marketer while promoting a no bullshit, results-driven approach. Since the growth of internet users in Thailand outweighs the number of talented marketers, it means we have the unique opportunity to make transparency a staple of the marketing industry in the SEA region. Not an easy feat, but I’d love to try.

Chris Tweten childhood photo
Stop the Bullshit made childhood photo sharing mandatory.
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